Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Kiffin's decision shouldn't be questioned, but his integrity and competitiveness should be

The news that USC’s next head coach will be Lane Kiffin is surprisingly shocking.


As much as I would like to say I saw this one coming, I didn’t.

With that said, in hindsight I feel like everyone should’ve seen this coming.

Recruiting techniques and arrogant statements have brought Kiffin’s integrity into question within the last year.

Those same people will point to Kiffin’s decision to leave Tennessee for Southern California as further proof of his lack of integrity.

In the last year I have been a huge Kiffin supporter.

I cannot knock Kiffin for taking his dream job because I cannot say with certainty that I wouldn’t have made the same decision as the former USC offensive coordinator.

However, I can say with one hundred percent certainty that I have completely changed my stance on Kiffin and now side with the majority.

As someone who used to be a big fan of Kiffin, I now side with the majority of the people in the country that believe Kiffin is nothing short of an arrogant, pompous slime ball who lacks integrity.

Furthermore, not only do I now question Kiffin’s integrity, I question his competitive drive.
Kiffin made a splash in Tennessee that I admired.

Kiffin may have talked a big game and burned a lot of bridges, but at the end of the day he seemed passionate and excited for the challenge that awaited him and appeared to be determined to bring one of college football’s most storied programs back to national prominence.

He had me fooled.

The announcement that Kiffin is fleeing Tennessee after only one year for Southern California proves that I was wrong.

He wasn’t up for the challenge that faced him in Tennessee and all Kiffin did during his brief stint at Tennessee was write checks with his mouth that his ass wasn’t willing to cash.

We will never know whether or not Kiffin would’ve been able to cash the checks written by his mouth, but we do know that he wasn’t up for the challenge that he had me convinced he was up for.

Kiffin left Tennessee like a loud-mouthed punk who instigates a fight and then leaves the scene when the fists begin to fly.

Kiffin wasn’t willing to throw down with Urban Meyer’s Gators; he was only willing to talk like he was until an easier opportunity presented itself.

Kiffin took the easy way out, but at the end of the day all he did was prove the majority of the country right.

The majority of the people in the world of college football saw right through Kiffin, while the rest of us didn’t.

The only people who look dumb right now are the people (like me) and the passionate supporters of the Tennessee football program who supported Kiffin’s controversial techniques and believed in him.

USC (minus any possible future NCAA sanctions) is arguably the best job in all of football (college or pro) and Kiffin’s history with the program makes the job even more appealing.
In the world there are leaders and there are followers.

Kiffin had me convinced he was ready to lead Tennessee back to the top, but his decision to go to USC shows he wasn’t.

I cannot question Kiffin’s decision, but after today I question his integrity and his competitiveness.

A few names for Tennessee...

Tennessee is going to have to act quickly, but at the same time the job could attract some big-name candidates. Without any research or snooping through the rumor mill here are a few that come to mind.

Bob Stoops

I though he was a lock for Florida if Urban Meyer would've left, maybe this job will be appealing as well.

Will Muschamp

Until Mack Brown retires Muschamp's name is going to come up any time a job is open.

This is a big-time job that Muschamp would have to atleast consider.

Bobby Petrino

We already know Petrino is more than willing to upgrade jobs and there is no questioning his ability as a coach. He would have to atleast consider.

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